It worked when @john wanted that @Vogue follow, maybe it'll work for me... (Why I'm @Vogue Follow Material )
  1. I was named one of @list's most polite employees by @thelistpodcast
  2. I was also named in @sophia's Instagram post about The List App
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    I wasn't going through a thing
  3. I owned a toilet made by Toto that is sold only in high end stores and is predominant in Japanese bathrooms. That's basically the toilet of Japan.
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  4. I'm the voice of West Coast hip hop and the unofficial spokesperson for marijuana fine that's @snoopdogg
  6. "I am so happy you have learned good eating habits in your life and that you take such pride in cooking and eating healthy" - DEENA FUCKING KRAFT (my mom)
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  7. I'm sorry I swore. That was very un-NE Ohio Regional Sewer. But I got excited because that was a slam dunk and you know it!!!!
    Good diet = good human waste
  8. I did this prank onc- I heard about this prank once where you Saran Wrap the toilet so that the person pees/poops on themselves. I'm basically George Clooney. Always prankin'!
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    Don't worry, we don't flush the Saran Wrap.
  9. Im a nice guy and we have a lot of the same friends (on The List App.) Ask them about me. You just have to kind of make it past the weird little asteroid belt around me, and then you'll see that my worst offense is misrepresenting the good dude I am. I'm NE Ohio Regional Sewer List App material. I know this.
  10. Thanks for considering, @neorsd
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