Why You Shouldn't Be The First Group To Do An Escape Room Set In A Torture Chamber (Warning: Blood)

  1. I'm walking around Prague with @malielfman who's a huge Escape Room fan and what do we see but a brand new escape room!
    Built in a 15th century basement, themed like a torture chamber! Awesome!
  2. We joked as we were lead down into the basement that this is how all Hostel movies start: a couple of American friends find a slightly creepy tourist attraction, get lured into a basement, and then tortured.
  3. Anyway, at one point you end up with a metal grappling hook attached to a rope — like, an actual metal grappling hook — that you need to throw over a wall and pull on to unlock a door.
    Artist's rendition of grappling hook.
  4. That's exactly what I did. But I pulled too hard and then the next thing I know I'm bleeding from my face
  5. As one of the first groups to do the escape room, we discovered a design flaw: the grappling hook can come flying back over the wall if you keep pulling.
    That's what 20 seconds of bleeding from your face looks like.
  6. The game stopped, my friends helped cleaned me up, and then after a few minutes we decided to finish the room!
  7. And we did! Setting the record for fastest team (minus the 15 minutes of cleanup...)
    Thank you especially to ex-Marine Josh who was a total champ and kept me from fainting and/or dying.
  8. Silver lining: they gave us half off the escape room AND discount vouchers for our friends. So if this list sold you on The Mystery Elixir here in Prague, lemme know and I can hook it up!
  9. Back in the hotel room with Nurse Mali. Happy it missed my eye. Hoping this results in a sexy, Owen Wilson-esque nose.
  10. Off to the show!