Coasters ridden: 450+. Times puked: 0
  1. X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA
    At the time, it was the only "4th dimension" coaster in the world. What does that mean exactly? Basically you have no concept of where you are in space and time while riding the coaster. Pure bliss.
  2. Coney Island Cyclone - Coney Island, NY
    What makes this legendary wood coaster the best in the world is that, somewhere in the back of your mind you know that no one has performed maintenance on this coaster in decades and the danger of dying while riding is extremely high. The juggernaut completely beats you up, whipping through turns and barreling over hills. Doubley so if you sit in the last seat where you're more likely to experience whiplash!
  3. Fujiyama - Fuji-Q Highland, Japan
    Most of my favorite coasters are without inversions because they are designed and built with one thing in mind: speed. This coaster is so big and fast that there's a maximum rider age for fear of causing heart attacks.
  4. Millennium Force - Cedar Point, OH
    The first Giga coaster in the world (over 300 feet) means this coaster was also built with speed in mind. It's the smoothest, fastest, most weightless experience you can have while on Earth. For California natives, imagine a taller, smoother Goliath
  5. Nemesis - Alton Towers, England
    Because of zoning laws, rides at Alton Towers cannot exceed tree-height, which means ride designers had to get creative. Nemesis, like the Six Flag Batman rides, is an inverted coaster that twists and turns through trees, gullies, and a river of blood.
  6. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom, FL
    Speed, loops, height, acceleration, as technologies advance, these methods of measurement will continue to improv and so, in some ways, to judge a coaster based on these alone is foolish. What will always withstand the test of time is theming and surprise: Expedition Everest does both of these things better than any coaster in the world.
  7. The Beast - King's Island, OH
    The Beast is the longest wood roller coaster in the world, returning TWO lift hills. The ride lasts over 4 minutes and by the time it finishes, you are physically exhausted. It's a legendary coaster that is approaching its 40th birthday and still outranks newer, taller, faster coasters.
  8. Dodonpa - Fuji-Q Highland, Japan
    To launch riders, Dodonpa uses air compression. What does this mean? It's the fastest accelerating coaster in the world. Unless you own a Bugatti, you'll never experience acceleration like this.
  9. Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens, VA
    A great coaster, yes, but the best because on opening day, Greek-God/Equinox West Hollywood patron Fabio was hired to take the inaugural ride with three beautiful women. When they returned to the station, the women were all screaming as Fabio's face was covered in blood. Apparently a bird had flown by and smashed into his face during the ride. By all calculations, Fabio should have died...
  10. Lightning Racer - Hersheypark, PA
    The first wooden dueling coaster in the world is still one of the best. Imagine the thrills of a super tall, super fast rickety wood coaster and then imagine you're weaving in and out of the path of an entirely different track - you've got to ride it twice to get the full effect.