Inspired by @bjnovak this is in no way complete - I've been blessed with nothing but amazing teachers - but in the interest of getting this list out in time...
  1. Mr. Bartsch - 5th grade and Chess Club
    The list begins and ends with this incredibly kind, passionate, intelligent, and warm man. I joined the chess team - which he taught - in 2nd grade and looked forward to one day being in his 5th grade class. I went to a week-long outdoor school for 6th graders 3 years in a row as a counselor, in no small part so that I could spend more time with him. I was honored beyond words to be asked to emcee his retirement party a few years ago. I feel so lucky to have grown up with him as a teacher.
  2. Mrs. Ritter - 1st and 2nd grade
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    My earliest memories of truly loving school were in her class (it helped that I met my best friend @madithelma on the 1st day of 1st grade.) Mrs. Ritter may have been the teacher they based Ms. Frizzle on...
  3. Ms. Keyser - 3rd grade
    Let @madithelma and I stay in at recess and quite Austin Powers to her. Told us it was our little secret since we were quoting highly inappropriate things. I remember being EXCITED to turn in my homework to her.
  4. Mrs. Swihart - HS Genetics
    She let me skip Biology 1 and jump into the much harder class which was way beyond me. She challenged me and for a brief time, made me incredibly passionate about genetics - no small task! She was a wonderful hippie who really cared about her students.
  5. Michael Brown - Emerson College
    Teaches Constitutional Law in a variety of classes, which lead to the unofficial "Mike Brown Undergrad Degree" - by far the most inspiring, no bullshit, and kindest teacher at Emerson.
  6. Bottom line
    Great teachers should have as much freedom and autonomy as possible to create lesson plans and cater their teaching to the class - standardization is the worst and I feel blessed to have completed most of my school before NCLB. I am forever grateful to the teachers, many of whom are now friends, at Carus Elementary School.