The best attraction from each park, ranked
  1. Pooh's Hunny Hunt - Tokyo Disneyland
    Words cannot explain how amazing this 100 million dollar ride is. In short: indoor dark ride without a track, 3 different honey pots dance around the rooms independent of each other.
  2. Matterhorn - Disneyland
    The first steel tube roller coaster ever. Nothing is better than a nighttime ride when the park is all lit up. It's the only Matterhorn in the world (other than the actual Matterhorn, I suppose)
  3. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom
    Incredible theming. Thrilling track. Unexpected turns and surprises. It's a perfect coaster.
  4. Space Mountain - Disneyland Paris
    Those familiar with the original Space Mountain, this is like that but on steroids.
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Tokyo DisneySea
    They built a working volcano in the middle of this 6 billion dollar park. A VOLCANO! This ride is their Matterhorn.
  6. Soarin' Over California - California Adventure
    Very few rides can bring someone to tears of joy and wonder. Is it the unique ride vehicle? The various scents they pipe in? Or perhaps it's that incredible Jerry Goldsmith score.
  7. Mystic Manor - Hong Kong Disneyland
    In China, ghosts are a good thing - spirits of ancestors. So their "haunted mansion" has a very different story line. Plus an original score by Danny Elfman!
  8. Mickey's PhilharMagic - Magic Kingdom
    An unbelievable 3D movie (an impressive feat) that celebrates Disney music. Could anything be better???
  9. Test Track - EPCOT
    The World Pavilion isn't technically an attraction so Test Track it is! It's a thrilling, speedy ride in a unique ride vehicle, which is surprising considering Disney is not known for thrills.
  10. Summit Plummet - Blizzard Beach
    A truly terrifying water slide sure to give wedgies and flint off bikini tops.
  11. Rock n Rollercoaster - Hollywood Studios
    A mediocre rollercoaster made great by good theming and a pretty bitching Aerosmith score. Also one of the cheesiest queuing experiences ever!
  12. Crush n Gusher - Typhoon Lagoon
    A roller coaster, water slide, tube hybrid. It's not great, but if you're at Typhoon Lagoon you've got low priorities and probably even lower expectations.