Because I plan on making them. Serious investors get at me.
  1. Ewok to Remember
    Star Wars spinoff that explores Endor and the Ewok culture through a complex relationship between two young Ewoks.
  2. When Harry and the Hendersons Met Sally
    Sequel to the beloved John Lithgow film. Turns out Harry isn't alone in the forest! Sally is a high maintenance yet lovable ape creature who can't be tied down so Harry enlists George Henderson's help is wooing his lady-love.
  3. Nosferatu Fast 2 Furious
    Kids love vampires, kids love car chases. My billion dollar idea: street racing vampires. It's like printing money, people!
  4. Dwayne's World
    Basically it's just Being John Malkovich but the door leads to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's head.
  5. Boogie Knights
    The complexities of medieval dating and relationships has never properly been explored in film. You know that shit was raunchy.