Inspired by those AIM quizzes that we'd post to our Buddy Profiles c. 2005
  1. Kanye over Drake
    Kanye has the best taste in hip hop. Drake was on Degrassi.
  2. Shake Shack over In n Out
    It doesn't seem like a fair comparison because SS is more expensive and an all around better burger.
  3. Sundance Cinema over Arclight
    Free parking. 21+ for all showings. Perfectly sized theaters. Amazing food. Full beer and wine menu.
  4. Disneyland over Disney World
    Walt's original vision or a hot, humid, infinitely sprawling croc shoe-infested melting pot of America's worst parents? Tough decision...
  5. Nickelodeon over Disney Channel
    Especially Doug. If you grew up on Disney's Doug something is wrong with you (CC @Z)
  6. Beatles over The Stones
    This also doesn't seem like a fair comparison because The Beatles are the greatest, most influential band of the last century and The Stones played blues riffs.
  7. Mountain over beach
    Admittedly, the latter is sexier. But I'd much rather hit the slopes in the morning and then relax by the fire with friends in the evening. Also, snow ball fights are a lot more fun than sand ball fights.
  8. Paadee over Pok Pok
    Going to Portland and looking for great Thai food? Opt for Paadee instead of the overly hyped Pok Pok, ESPECIALLY if you're from LA because we're getting a Pok Pok.
  9. Coffee over tea
    I've just never had a glass of tea and said "yeah, that's exactly what I needed."
  10. Blur over Oasis
    I just officially decided the Brit Pop war in favor of Blur.
  11. Music over lyrics
    I honestly don't know what 80% of my favorite songs are about from a lyrical standpoint. But the best songs shouldn't need lyrics to convey what they're about.
  12. Dogs over cats
    There are very few four legged mammals I would not prefer to a cat.
  13. Single coil over Humbucker
    This one's for you, @madithelma and probably also @john
  14. Six Feet Under over The Sopranos
    Says the guy who's never seen The Sopranos. But come on, how could there be a better show than SFU?
  15. I don't wanna start a sibling rivalry - or fan the flames of one that's already burning - but I'm Team Bozo.