Y'all Can Keep Beyoncé, I Salute These Queens

  1. Fiona Apple
    I'm not sure there's a living singer with a better sense of rhythm. She also cancelled a handful of shows to stay home with her sick dog. Gal after my own heart 🐶
  2. Gwen Stefani
    If you didn't at some point in your life want to be 90s Gwen Stefani then there is something seriously wrong with you. Somewhere there exists a karaoke recording of 10 year old me singing 'Don't Speak.'
  3. Björk
    If any other person were to make her music, which often dissolves into distorted screams and a tidal wave of electronic, crunchy gibberish, it would be absolute trash - it would be noise. But coming from Björk it is a beautiful cacophony of how she experiences the world.
  4. Kate Bush
    She completely defies genre. 'Kate Bush' is a genre that many have imitated and drawn inspiration from, but none have come close to doing justice to. She also basically called it quits to move to the country and be a mom. That's unbelievably decent and admirable.
  5. Mariam Doumbia
    Mariam and her husband met at the Mali Institute for the Young Blind. They fell in love, started making incredibly funky and soulful music, and the world was a better place because of it. It should also be noted that they have the best style you've ever seen - do some Googling!
  6. Annie Clark
    Female Clapton with Byrne's sensibilities. There is no one cooler. The things I would do to be her guitar... She just makes that thing scream.
  7. Aimee Mann
    'Aimee Mann' should be a phrase used to describe a certain tone of speaking: it's honest, emotional expression wrapped in a sarcastic package and topped with a bow of 'hey fuck me, am I right?!'
  8. Yukimi Nagano
    One of the few artists I've had the pleasure of first seeing in a small club and then on the Coachella main stage, Little Dragon's music is sexy enough for a small dance hall and exciting enough for a crowd of 30k
  9. Courtney Barnett
    Proof that the coolest of cool are the ones who truly don't give a shit. Home girl doesn't even give a shit enough to annunciate the 50 words she's crammed into every other stanza.
  10. Sara Watkins
    She can play fiddle with the best blue grass players in the world. She can hold her own singing with Fiona Apple. She can out-funny Galifianakis on the Largo stage. And she appears to be the most delightful human being. I salute you, Sara Watkins.
  11. Molly Rankin
    Canada's apology for Bieber. Alvvays is the band you wished all those chick-lead, 90s one hit wonder bands turned out to be.
  12. Angel Olsen
    Start listening at 2:19 on "Shut Up Kiss Me" and tell me you don't feel it. Julian Casablancas wishes he was Angel Olsen. I wish I was Angel Olsen.