I spent 2 years on this film and am beyond excited to finally release it into the wild. Would love if any ListApp homies were able to make it to the festival - I'll be there and we can party!
  1. About happiness in America
    Filmmaker and I raised money on Kickstarter and asked all our supporters "who's the happiest person you know?" And then travelled the country based solely on those referrals. The characters we met, experiences we shared, and things we learned from all these people were pretty incredible.
  2. Premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival
    Looking at you, SoCal Listers.
  3. Friday April 24th & Tuesday April 28th
    Friday @ 8pm. Tuesday at 1:30pm.
  4. Tickets and Theater information available at...
  5. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but...
    I've invited all of my friends and realize I spend more time "talking" with you guys then with them, so I would be honored if some people came and listed about it! Or just came, enjoyed the film, and hung out with me :)
  6. Hope you can come
    I'll return to listing about 90s pop culture now.