1. What is it? (The best thing, ever.)
    A miniature golf tournament hosted by me and my die-hard miniature golf friends at The Sherman Oaks Castle Park
  2. How does it work? (Flawlessly.)
    30-40 miniature golf enthusiasts aka athletes break off into groups of 4-6 and play all 3 courses at The Castle. We break for dinner before the final round. A winner is crowned (literally) and given a trophy and a cash prize. It's very legit.
  3. When is it/how do I RSVP?
    If you would like to participate, comment on this list and I will contact you with more details. The event takes place on August 29th.
  4. On a scale from 1-10, how fun is this event?
    50. Seriously, you will not find a better group of people who take something way too seriously. My parents fly down from Oregon to participate, that's how real this shit gets.
  5. What if I'm not that good at miniature golf?
    What better opportunity to perfect your game? Truthfully, as much as we love miniature golf, none of us are ready to go pro. Last year many new comers did very well - in fact, @ReeseGolchin won the event despite having almost no experience at The Castle.
  6. Now enjoy photos from last year
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  7. Diving for a lost ball
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    So as to avoid a stroke penalty
  8. The King with his trophy
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  9. Entering the castle
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    @EthanDawes almost immediately cut off his sleeves
  10. A handsome group
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    That's my step-dad on the far left - he spent a few weeks practicing in Oregon so as not to embarrass himself amongst the seasoned Los Angeles professionals.