1. Cheese
    Only the most piquant, sturdy at room temp, gooey with heat, raw, grass fed, from the most big cows
  2. Eggs
    Absolutely the freshest plucked, freshest cracked, hardest boiled, farmest eggs, peeled and then refrigerated and then chopped up
  3. Beans
    The very top shelf of heirloom legumes, brown ones, so soft and warm, the stretchy little skins all scrunched off the stuffin, the whole pile just simply smearable
  4. Cabbage
    Shredded finer than a dog and twice as ready to lay on top of some beans n eggs, so organic, so crispy, and did you know it is full of so many vitamins b?
  5. Onion
    Diced so small like little child's teeth, purest, most piquant onions, where else did flavor ever get so juvenating, make it your topping and make a friend for life
  6. A Chili Jalapeño
    Watch out! Spicy alert! Warning warning warning! This baby better get past the surgeon general, and boy won't you be glad! It's organic, it's pretty, it will add that special oom-pa-pa to any shebang much less this one
  7. Oils
    Only the most glistening, slimy, organic oils, from single sources of oils, which provide all the sensational feelings and tastes only the most natural oils can deliver- after all, what's life without oils?