When I was most assuredly "in a band," I had a blast. Makin records, playin shows, feelin like one heck of a cool guy. People did tell me about all that. Most of what I learned the hard way was hard.
  1. A "Band," Filial Joy and Transcendent Unity Notwithstanding, Is a Categorical Confinement Principally Serving the Commodification of the Performers' Activities
    Everyone knows it's lame how the music industry can turn music groups into vehicles for suits' profit-wallets. And how musicians are expected to feel lucky and grateful if that even actually happens these days. But how do the ways we identify as members of a codified category like a 'band' contribute to/ keep us complacent with this situation? What about "solo artists"?
  2. The Scene's Always Already Undead
    Echoes of echoes of echoes of echoes. Often beautiful. Often unnerving. Echoes that chase themselves out of the crucible of community, seeking ascendance as a desirable image, the realest thing an echo can be.
  3. Reckoning with a Little Hegemony Is Always a Pain in the Butt
    I don't know which wigged me worse, the excited anxiety after Pitchfork gave us unwarranted, tip-top praise, or the relieved depression after they later gave us unwarranted, gnarly denigration. They had a lot of power over the course of our band.
  4. It's Okay that the Record Industry Is in Shambles
    Recorded music has been around for so little time, and the demise of the industry around it is no threat to the jams.
  5. The Scene's Always Already Undead version 2
    As a tune-slingin youth, I moved to the hippest enclave of the cosmopolis to see eye2eye & hear ear2ear with so many other slammin jammers. We'd naturally cohere into a supportive community with our own codes as powerfully scramblin as the dough-flows all around us- our scene'd be real, making a persistent case for the significance of Art beyond its market value, but nonetheless, eventually we'd be materially rewarded for it, even just a lil, & we'd share fame-wealth among us, rising as a whole.
  6. The Scene's Always Already Undead v 2 part ii
    But the ideal was already a goof- even a self-conscious echo, a loving critical echo seeking fame-wealth in spite of itself, already moves with the operative splinter-force of that which shapes the form of what it seeks. With no shortage of hope n vinegar (and even when we insisted otherwise), we still deferred to a model of success we'd seen before, one totally untenable not only as the music industry turnt to crumbs, but also untenable as an authentic coherence of our loving intention.
  7. Music Is the Best, Even After the Band Dissolves
    HOLD UP, IT'S NOT A BUMMER!! It should be a given that music is one of the most profound engagements of the human machine: at once cerebral, mechanical, and sensorial, an inscription of extra-verbal information that can yield immediate significance through diachronic and synchronic aspects! Definitively sexy!! It's pure flow, literally nothing but vibes, arising from and affecting material, but... Pure vibes. The hard part was the band. And anyway, I have a couple new bands. 😘😘😘