1. People are always in your house.
  2. Have to visit essentially every state (many states are bad).
  3. When you're on a talk show, they make you be serious for at least part of your appearance and you can't just do bits or test new material the whole time.
  4. Secret Service treats you like a total baby.
  5. Your dog automatically becomes a celebrity dog and it'll go to their head.
  6. If you try out a new hair style it's like a whole thing.
  7. Pretty much have to play yourself if you ever want to be in a movie.
  8. If another country wants to fight you have to or else everyone will make fun of you.
  9. Have to wear ties pretty much every day.
  10. Can you go skiing? Seems like you wouldn't get to go skiing.
  11. Have to memorize the name of every other country's president in case you run into them at a party.