1. Friday PM
  2. Saturday AM
  3. Saturday PM
    But numbers 2 and 3 combined are still inferior to number 1.
  4. Thursday PM
  5. Friday AM
    Number 5 slot for Friday AM demonstrates the overall power of Friday PM which propels Friday to top day status overall.
  6. Sunday AM
    Very overrated half day. People fooled by concept of brunch which often consists of old people, champagne (which men do not drink outside of the presence of women) and hollandaise sauce (an egg sauce when, if served properly, is served at room temperature thereby resulting in possible death)
  7. Thursday AM
  8. Wednesday PM
  9. Tuesday PM
  10. Wednesday AM
  11. Monday PM
  12. Tuesday AM
  13. Tie in terms of misery & suffering for the remaining 2 half days.