1. There is a cat curled up on a blanket on your lap; getting your papers from your bag would disturb his slumber.
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  2. You woke up over 12 hours ago and have been working for at least 11 of them. If you do more work, you may have to defend your actions to the "union" you created to represent yourself from just such an offense to your family time. (See previous photo.)
  3. Your beer is full.
  4. If you start working now, you will continue to miss out on lists made by your favorite publications and writers. This would surely be a tragedy.
  5. There IS a time to weep and a time to laugh, but you needn't a student paper to do either, although some have better pathos than others.
  6. A second cat has moved to the blanket resting across your lap.
  7. Your partner isn't grading.
  8. Your beer is empty.