You must choose only one to truly know thyself
  1. Beatles or Stones?
  2. Matisse or Picasso?
  3. Bart or Lisa?
  4. Ziti or Rigatoni?
  5. Low rise or High waisted?
  6. Ford or Leone?
  7. Costello or Presley?
  8. Audrey or Katherine?
  9. Mean Streets or Goodfellas?
  10. True Detective or Fargo?
    (TV, Season one)
  11. Swift or Perry?
  12. Play dough or Silly putty?
  13. Art Deco or Nouveau?
  14. The Swampers or the Wrecking Crew?
  15. Cake or Pie?
  16. Sketch or Stand up?
  17. Indy or Han?
  18. Biggie or Pac
    Suggested by @shelbyhearts