Written by Boudleaux Bryant and first recorded in 1960 Love Hurts is one of the great marriages of lyric and melody. Here are it's highs and lows.
  1. Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris
    One of the best musical relationships of all time, one of the best recordings ever made and one of the best songs ever written
  2. Roy Orbison
    Overshadowed as the B Side to Running Scared. The arrangement evolves in a cool way and Orbison adds some serious cool to words like "and" and "any"
  3. Everly Brothers
    It's the original and it's the Everly Brothers. Obviously It's great
  4. Nazareth
    Sounds the best on Movie Soundtracks. Some how manages a party-positive mood while keeping true to the concept.
  5. Keith Richards and Norah Jones
    God, it's worth it just to hear these two voices together. Bizarre. By the way the list goes downhill fast.
  6. Robert Pollard & Kim Deal
    If I had never heard any of the other versions this would be my favorite. In fact I'm jealous of anyone who thinks this is the original.
  7. The who
    Doesn't help that he introduces it by saying "it's short so you won't have to put up with it". More a tribute to Orbison than an interpretation
  8. Heart
    She sings it hard but this one just doesn't age well
  9. Joan Jett
    Talk about doesn't age well. I appreciate the effort though
  10. Cher
    Someone once told me; "when making a top ten list, if Cher is an option, she is always number ten"
  11. Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice
    Suggested by @youdirtymick