1. Costume Rock
    always a good choice. Mostly Gwar, the Aquabats, and high concept instrumental surf rock. Good energy that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  2. Bubble Bath
    Probably my most played. A little slower and a little more psychedelic, but surfy. Many songs by The Mermen. Also Carol King and anything Frank Black sings in his lower register.
  3. Dinner Party
    A lot of later albums by established acts. The newest Cars album and McCartney's "New". Works well for having parents and in laws over
  4. Right Now Music
    Changes every morning as I walk to work. Right now it's Bonnie Prince Billy and Kris Kristofferson on shuffle with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. Solid.
  5. Reception
    Spent more time on this then most all of my wedding plans. When the band took a break they failed to press "shuffle" so it was just 30 minuets of Beach Boys ballads. Disney Girl being a highlight. I even got to mock Stamos doing Forever on Full House. Pretty much perfect.
  6. After Party
    These are songs that conform to the rooms energy. You can dance to if you want, but can also just ignore. Conversation starters. And Katy Perry. Lots of Katy Perry
  7. Snow Walking
    Music for walking in the snow or just songs that causally mention snow. They Might Be Giants "New York City" and a lot of airy Jason Lytle.