1. Bologna.
    I was eleven years old. I was making a WWII movie in the backyard with my best friend Jimmie when the Moms yelled lunch. We always had Bologna. Took one bite and knew I wasn't a kid anymore. Bologna was gross. And I never looked back. Haven't tasted Bologna to this day.
  2. Cheeseburger Sub
    I worked through college in Richmond Virginia. Terrible hours. Midnight to noon was a usual shift. Ate a lot of cheese burger subs from Vito's in the middle of the night. Left Richmond briefly in 2008 and Vito's closed that same month.
  3. Tomato
    I'm an old man now. I grow tomatoes in the backyard. I bake bread. I've refined and uncluttered my life. Crusty bread, home grown tomato, a good oil, a little salt and pepper. This is how I will spend my last days.