1. Child playing wildly on a bench.
  2. Old man sitting on bench trying to ignore child playing wildly on bench next to him.
  3. Single mother a little too capable of blocking out sound of her child playing wildly on bench.
  4. Female docent planning a tour, very concerned about how wildly the child is playing on the bench, thinks disapproving looks will make a difference.
  5. 4 foot tall man in large Panama hat reading text full voice and audibly farting.
  6. Lesbian couple in safety pin tank tops with hands in each others back pockets. Find most Art to be humorous.
  7. Parents visiting with undergrad who really understands each artist's intention. Uses the word "meta" a lot.
  8. Teenage couple on date. One is wearing a Descendants t-shirt. They are adorable.
  9. Super friendly and appreciative guy who is a real pleasure to have around. Also, he reeks of weed.
  10. Museum employee in corner who has a lot more invested in Marc Maron and Ed Asner conversation than actual job.