Be calm and courteous and ask the following questions
  1. Where is the bomb located?
  2. When will it go off?
  3. Why?
  4. What kind of bomb is it?
  5. What does it look like?
  6. How do you diffuse it?
  7. Ah, almost got ya
  8. What is your name?
  9. What is your address?
  10. Did you place the bomb?
  11. Do you realize that the bomb could cause injury or death?
  12. Did you build the bomb yourself? Or purchase it at a Local bomb retail store?
  13. Really? All by yourself with just a box is scraps?
  14. You're really talented
  15. No really, I could probably never build a bomb all by myself
  16. Not with my stubby little fingers
  17. Oh stop it, you probably have a piano players fingers
  18. In my dreams maybe. Not even, What do you call it? Chopstix
  19. I couldn't even tell you the difference between the red wire and the blue wire
  20. Other than the color, silly
  21. Oh really? So it's the orange wire that counts?
  22. I did not know that, thank you, so I just pull that right out?
  23. See you're so clever! Say, what's that sound? Is that the bell tower from the War Memorial Chapel?
  24. I love that area, it's right by my favorite coffee shop
  25. I know! If Fat Bruce is working tell him I said hello
  26. Well anyway, thank you for calling National Parks Services. Please stay on the line to complete a satisfaction survey for a chance to win a free Cookout Milkshake! Thanks.