1. I feel compelled to make this list
  2. I think the last one I made was when my wife was newly pregnant
  3. I feel compelled to look up how long ago that list was
  4. But going back and forth between drafting and archives sounds exhausting
  5. Now my wife is nine months in
  6. One month to go
  7. Ya know it's actually ten months of pregnancy
  8. Only people who have had kids know that
  9. And no one talks about it
  10. Ever
  11. Like ten is the breaking point
  12. Nine months is the maximum that a human would put themselves through this body horror
  13. If we let the world know its actually ten months who would get pregnant?
  14. Nine months?
  15. Easy
  16. Ten months?
  17. How about a hamster?
  18. It's a cruel joke
  19. Nine months in and still not finished
  20. But going strong
  21. I'll let you know what happens