1. Michael Pena is the best actor in the business.
  2. T.I.'s real name is "Tip." He goes by "T.I." He only uses the tip of his name.
  3. It must be nice to play a superhero who only has his shirt off in one scene. Then you can spend more time at Crafty between takes.
  4. If I could control ants i'd just ask them to go away.
  5. Gotta have Adam Ant of course
  6. But I did notice the absence of any reference to Steve Martins "Lets get small" routine.
  7. I wonder what a conversation between Ernest Hemingway and Grady Tripp from "Wonderboys" would be like?
  8. Someone should make that movie
  9. I wonder if while made small Antman retains a full size appetite?
  10. Can he finish a whole sandwich?
  11. Michael Pena's character should take over for Tony Stark in Avengers 3
  12. Might be a little much to ask, but would love to hear @edub list response to this.
    Suggested by @youdirtymick