1. Geese
    If they taste half as good as their shit does, I'll take the whole gaggle
  2. The couch
    When are these A holes gonna stop sitting on my bed so I can go to sleep
  3. My wife
    His mistress
  4. Pooping
    Here is some of that stuff you like
  5. The garden
    Open all night salad bar
  6. Birds
    I. Need. That. So. Bad.
  7. Strangers
    I. Need. Them. So. Bad.
  8. Peeled carrots
    Food of the Gods
  9. Unpeeled carrots
    Are you gonna peel that or what?
  10. The Car
    Going to the Dog Park?
  11. Walks
    Are we going to the Dog Park? I better run ahead to show you the way
  12. Me in my work clothes
    This is fucking bullshit.
  13. Every little sound in the middle of the night
    Hey! Who is that?! Hello?! Hey! Hey! Show yourself!! Hello?!? Why is know worried about this but me?!?!