I'm so hungover.
  1. I'm never drinking again.
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  2. Not looking at my bank account today.
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  3. Totally lost my coat.
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  4. I hope I wasn't creeping on anyone.
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  5. I got a ride home from the city in the trunk of a Honda.
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  6. I ran that beer pong table at Bar Loui.
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  7. The Uber driver told us he watched a stripper play with herself in the backseat of his car.
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  8. He said she makes $3,000 a night.
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  9. He said she was hot.
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  10. How does one go about suing the DNC?
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  11. It feels like my brain isn't secure in my head when I walk.
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  12. I kept telling people to finish their drinks because there are sober kids in Africa.
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  13. That is such an ignorant thing to say.
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  14. People were talking about attending some event next week where people are attempting to "Push the Trump Tower into the river."
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  15. I wanna move but I also don't wanna move.
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  16. This Guy
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  17. Bugs Life just popped up in head and I have no clue why.
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  18. Now there are a lot of Disney movies coming to mind as well.
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  19. Pocahontas.
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  20. The white man's treatment of the Indians was so awful.
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  21. Our treatment of the environment is so awful.
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  22. I'm gonna find some pictures to accompany these thoughts.
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  23. When I am a few shots deep I have a tendency to try and talk like Jerry Seinfeld.
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  24. A few Christmas's ago, my Grandma bought me Guitar Hero for Xbox but only the disc and not the guitar.
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    It was so nice of her but it was awkward because we all knew you needed the guitar to play. My cousin of course chimes in with, "Grandma, he needs the guitar to play that game." I responded, feeling bad, "I can play with a controller it's not a big deal."