1. Go to the bathroom. Finally.
    Nothing good ever comes from answering the phone.
  3. Use profanities.
    This is usually done when unaware that a student or administrator is standing at the door.
  4. Eat anything and everything made with chocolate.
  5. Pinterest.
    For lesson plans, of course.
  6. Perform major mechanical repairs, for which you are neither licensed nor remunerated, on the photocopier.
    You, of course, did not cause the paper jam, but you have your suspicions who did.
  7. Discuss career change possibilities.
    These careers do not involve being sworn at, told how to do your job, or blamed for the ills of society.
  8. Eat more chocolate.
    This usually doesn't happen because it's all gone.
  9. Hang out in the front office.
    The only way you know what is going on.
  10. Determine the gender of Guinea pig babies.
    Not as easy as it sounds. This may be something only my teaching team does.