I have all sorts of lists going all over the place in my life...
  1. Shopping list
    Self explanatory
  2. House renovation list
    Again, pretty self explanatory, really - kitchen, retaining wall, landscaping, painting... Homeownership in its glory!!
  3. Kitchen makeover list
    This is a more specific list of the fun homeownership to do list - & the current project happening.
  4. Pipe dream restaurant menu
    This is for the diner-style restaurant that my hubby & I dream about owning someday. It's on the side of the fridge as a daily reminder.
  5. "To Do" list @ work
    In addition to the piles upon piles of files/other papers - there is a separate on-going to do list...
  6. RSVP list for a banquet of which I am in charge
  7. Reading list
    Not so much a list, but a stack of books that I keep to remind me that they need read.
  8. Dry Erase calender
    It's an ever-changing list of the list of activities the fam & I have going on on a week's time
  9. Mental list (ex. Birthdays, "remember to", anniversaries, etc)
    This one can get a little "iffy" - not crystal clear & stable-minded... More like dazed & confused... But a list nonetheless!
  10. Bucket list
    Who doesn't have one of these?!