If anyone is interested, here are some things about ME!
  1. I have a healthy obsession with coffee
    Just me & my coffee
  2. Big DMB fan!
    Love these fellas! I see them annually with my gals; photo from DMB 2016 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  3. I'm the youngest of 3...
    That's me... Shirtless & bald!
  4. I'm a Professional, bitch!
    Insurance Account Manager extraordinaire! I'm an insurance nerd!
  5. Momma & wife
    I think I'm cool... 16 would likely disagree; 6 would agree. The hubby would just laugh...
  6. I like taking cloud pics
    Always different - often photo worthy!
  7. I like driving
    Maybe it's the control; maybe it's the freedom...
  8. Jeans, hoodie, Adidas sandals
    Love the weather that allows me to wear the above! Early spring, but esp fall!!
  9. Dog momma
    To Lola
  10. Dog momma
    To Penny
  11. Pulp Fiction is my fav movie
    Took 4 times of watching it (@ age 16) to figure it out; been in love ever since!