Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Listening to:
    Cars & rain out the open window
  2. Watching:
    A frozen screen - streaming the NHL Play-offs isn't working out so well....
  3. Eating:
    Just finished some of my MILs macaroni salad.... THE.BEST!
  4. Wishing:
    For a wonderfully fun & exciting summer!
  5. Excited about:
    DMB 2016 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH with the gals! 12 years & counting!
  6. Wondering:
    When 16 (daughter) will be done with her bowling league - it's late 😴
  7. Missing:
    Some friends I haven't seen in a while; this grown up thing sucks when schedules conflict & dates with friends can't be had...
  8. Looking forward to:
    Meeting my newest nephew tomorrow!