My 38th birthday!
  1. Work
    Typical Thursday.. wake @ 6-ish; work by 8. But today there would be apple pie w/ French vanilla ice cream for me! Yay!
  2. Exercise
    I've been on an 11 day run of my workout & just agreed to an office weight loss challenge - must exercise!
  3. Dinner
    Hubby went to bowling & fed 7 while I exercised. 17 wasn't home, so I made my own birthday dinner, dammit. Chicken salad 🥗 & a cocktail.
  4. Shower
    Self explanatory
  5. Dishes
  6. Light sabre battle
    7 decided this was necessary; so we battled - best out of 3. I lost.
  7. Popcorn!
    The boys came home with an air popper popcorn maker for me yesterday & 7 loves it! (So do I!)
  8. Grey Goose & the Thundermans
    While eating popcorn, 7 watched his newest fave show while I sipped.
  9. Music
    Running Pandora on shuffle as a soundtrack - it's pretty good! Eminem, B.I.G., Alanis Morrisette, etc - total 90s/early 2000 playlist.
    Obviously! Daily routine, but my 1st birthday on here. What an awesome place!
  11. Apple pie & ice cream
    I had a 2nd piece at the end of the evening. Just so fkn yummy!
  12. What a wonderful day!
    I am thankful for all of the joy & love in my life! I am learning about a new me as I grow & celebrate these days - life is precious & so are those around us.