A small list of annoyances I encounter while driving.
  1. The perpetual turn signal-er
    How is one not aware of the little blinking arrow on the control panel? Unless it's needed, please turn it off. Thanks.
  2. The non-existent turn signal-er
    Whether when changing lanes on the turnpike/free way; or turning into your housing development/driveway... Please signal that you are planning on doing so. Thanks.
  3. The non-passer in the passing lane
    Move, b!tch; get out 'tha way! Thanks.
  4. The non-acknowledger
    If I motion you ahead of me please acknowledge with some small form of civil respect...a nod/wave/etc. Thanks.
  5. The lane slider
    There's always a guy that cuts across all lanes at the stoplight/toll booth/etc - for whatever reason. He's a road hazard & reminds me of why it's important to be a defensive driver. Thanks.
  6. The Anti-merger
    These are the drivers that don't move over on the turnpike/freeway when other vehicles are entering at merge points - when there is availability to move over for ease of merging... Please be aware of your surroundings, other driver. Thanks.
  7. The Non-EZ passer
    This is the driver that enters the toll lane clearly marked "EZ Pass", but needs a ticket. Please read. Thanks.