Attended the first (of many) college open houses today with 16 (going on 17) & the hubby today. Nothing can prepare parents for the emotions a day like this brings....
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    Excitement! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€˜πŸΌ
    "Let's do this!" Visiting campuses should be exciting! They're all different and fun and exciting! I didn't have a 4-year co-Ed experience; I want 16 to go, live, & learn at a 4-year campus! I'm excited for this new chapter for her & excited to watch her maneuver through it. I'm such a proud momma & am her biggest cheerleader!
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    I don't want to send her to a 4-year campus & have her be gone (a/k/a not under my controlling hand πŸ˜‰) she's been in my care & under my advisement for 17 1/2 years now... How is a mother to let go of that?! Plus the reality of the "here & now"... She's applying to college... 😁😒
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    From student loan debt to an urban campus setting ("with a suburban feel") to her having her own agenda & independence.... I'm nervous for her to merge into that chapter. How will she do? Have I provided her with the skill-set? (*need to make a list of things I need to teach her still...*) How to off-set some of the financial burden that she'll accrue? ....
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    See above; plus everything else that I didn't list!!
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    My hubby & I are (*scarily*) on the same brainwave more often than not; today was no exception. From the beginning he brought along his typical humorous facial expressions throughout the day.! Student Panels, agendas, programs... They all come along with their own expressions. He's a funny fella!!
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    $300k for a college education?! That pisses me off...
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    Such a wonderful thing for a parent to see is joy on their children's face. 16 was so happy at the potential that this visit showed her! Made me happy too!
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    Hubby was frustrated at the early time of our visit. We rushed out "early" from the house, but didn't "need to be so early" according to him. He had to be sure to express it more than once... At least the muffins & coffee were yummy!
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    That we all made it through the first open house unscathed! We can go to the next open house like veterans!
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    See above Anger; fear at how 16 will manage the repayment of such tremendous debt.
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    She's a great student, smart person, & had a loving soul. I am so proud to walk on this journey with her & to cheer her along!