While i do like the energy, the food & "people watching" opportunity... I don't like...
  1. Losing money in seconds
    No matter the quantity of money lost; the ratio in comparison to the time in which it was lost is unfair. I don't prefer the unweighted bias.
  2. Cigarettes
    As a recovering smoker, I try not to be too judgemental - a smoker is as a smoker does. I just don't like the lingering smell (*most of the time*)
  3. Drink price variation
    Vodka cost could vary by double - depending on floor/room. Still cheaper to drink it from my couch. (*FYI-vodka has a part in on this list*)
  4. Unintelligent to the goings-on
    I don't understand all the lines on the slot machines; I don't know how to play craps, blackjack, Mississippi "something", or Texas Hold 'Em confidently enough to *maybe* be successful...
  5. Dirty old men
    Within 45 minutes of being at the venue, a man 1.5 times my age had some pretty strong sexist comments!