N + M = 4ever 😊
  1. Idiosyncranocracies.... Thesaurasus...
    I like to make up words; he understands them without definition!
  2. Symbiotic
    He referred to our relationship as this many years before we married; turns out to be pretty darn true!
  3. He cooks!
    & I clean up. See.. Symbiotic!
  4. Humor runs deep
    He's naturally funny; I think I'm hilarious... It's all good!
  5. We agree that symmetry is best..
    2 kids; 2 dogs.. Never to be outnumbered by our dependents!
  6. He knows what I mean when I don't...
    He can easily answer my question of "you know that actor/actress in that movie...?" & be 100% correct!
  7. Broken foot + hemorrhoids = honeymoon fun!
    I think everyone's marriage should start off this way - sure made for some great new marriage memories!!