Requested by @gd3
Been wondering wtf with this request from @gd3... feeling there are no parameters, here goes!
  1. Purple is one of my favorite colors - in life & in crayons.
    My life also happen to be one of my fave things too - here's a bit of my 38 year adventure!
  2. Born in 1979
    On a cold day in January; mom says I came out looking exactly like dad & that my eyes followed him around from shortly after birth. He's always been one of my fave people.
  3. Was told I wandered off @ the Philadelphia Zoo @ 18months old
    Obviously don't remember, but they found me at the monkey area. The monkey exhibit is one of my fave parts of the zoo still to this day. (Though I don't really like zoos & feel badly for the monkeys..)
  4. Samantha Valentina
    My Cabbage Patch Kid that I got for Christmas when I was 6 - she was my fave gift & all I really wanted that year! Her little pink dress had a purple heart on it. I still have her & always will.
  5. F/K/A Nikky
    Hated being called Nicole as a young person, so I went by Nikky until about the age of 19. Opted for that spelling since it was unique & correcting people's misspelling was a fave thing to do. Don't like to be called by that anymore tho...🤷🏼‍♀️
  6. Got pregnant @ 19
    He was a rebound, but we created one beautiful human together. He's a distant thought; she's my reminder that our choices are ours! She's my fave mini-me!
  7. Met the hubby
    Restaurant life - worked together overnight at a local 24 hr restaurant. Friends first, love later. Mini-me was 2 1/2 & he was her favorite jungle gym - he was a champ..Still is. He's my fave hubby!
  8. 5/3/08
    The day I became NicoleO - also the day that my hubby's g-parents got married. It's one of my fave days.
  9. Dave Matthews Band
    My fave band! 18 concerts; hundreds of songs & memories. Started the concert tradition in '04 with my gals.
  10. Little Man
    Had mini-hubby in January 2010 - planned him slightly differently than mini-me, but was still a life transition. He's my fave little guy tho!
  11. Puppy-girls
    I never had a dog growing up, so I gladly agreed to the hubby's request. Lola & Penny are my fave doggies!
  12. Life is my purple crayon
    & No one can take it from me!