Just the 6 of us tonight - our BFFs, their son, hubby/me & 7 (17 has *real* plans). Yum yum!
  1. Roast a la Hubby
    It's cooked low & slow in a big soup pot in veggies & potatoes. We'll have it with a salad (*all grown-up like..*)
  2. Crab muffins
    Crab & cheese mixture slathered onto an English muffin. Broiled to a cheesy warmth of goodness
  3. Buffalo chicken dip
    My BFF's recipe is the best; she's required to bring this each year.
  4. Doritos/chips/pretzels
    Just some munchies to have around.
  5. Grey Goose
    Courtesy of just BFF! She loves me & we love vodka.. several mixer options with or without fruits.
  6. Scotch
    For the men BFFs
  7. Cheers, friends! 🎉