Over the hills & through the woods 🏔🚗🎳🏆

Road trip! Hubby, 17 & I are making the 3.5 hour trek for the HS bowling State Championship - go bowling!
  1. Through the mountains we drive
  2. Here we are!
    Bowling family minus 1; 7 stayed home so he doesn't miss school.
  3. Here's 17 from last week's Regional Championship - she's the Girls Singles Champion for Western PA! Woot woot! 🎳🥇
  4. Just for laughs!
  5. Coolest!
  6. Love PA
  7. Cloud... table for 1...
  8. Tunnels through mountains!
    I think this was the start of a double tunnel.
  9. Out of the tunnel
    Breathtaking! Love PA!!
  10. The name of a great 90's band!!
    All mixed up! Our room #! It's about to be a great bowling weekend!
  11. Go, D!
    The Boosters Pres is great! The kids get a nameplate & snacks. Bowling is tiresome!
  12. Hieroglyphs in the elevator
  13. Update (a week late)...
    17 finished 9th in the State; Girls' team also finished 9th, boys' team finished 6th! Both teams & all individuals are bowling @ a Nationals level in June! Nashville bound!!
  14. Another update... (if you're interested)
    The boys & girls teams received an invitation to bowl at the HS Nationals championship! 1st time for ANY sports team from our school to compete on a national level! Headed to TN in June! 🎳🚗⛰🏆