I don't know what to make of these, but needed to get them out of my head..:
  1. When the car drives itself
    I'm either in the back seat or the passenger seat, but it's as if the vehicle is the Kitt Car from Knight Rider / I frantically jump into the driver's seat & take over.
  2. When the newly renovated master bed/bath is inaccessible
    Typically during a visit to my parents' "new place" (condo, multi-unit, townhouse, etc), but their living area can't be used, so we all have to share a minimal space...
  3. Public bathrooms
    All toilets open; no partitions
  4. Steve Carell
    Likely explainable by The Office binge on which I've been lately. He took my debit card for a day & denied it, hawked tshirts designed by Garry Shandling (legit) to line his own pockets, & completely in Michael G. Scott mode