From things to songs to stuff I say 🙈🙉🙊 *
  1. Frogs 🐸
    A friend in HS got me a small frog figurine that started it all. They come in many shapes, sizes & colors. I have a frog tattoo.
  2. The F word
    So versatile
  3. Former Toyota 4-Runner
    Loved that ride - 2004, beast, reliable, never to be replicated.
  4. Maine coastline
    Rocky - can't swim; no sand! Beautiful all around.
  5. DMB
    Good music; good vibe; good memories.
  6. Live (band from York, PA - lead singer Ed Kowalczyk)
    Memories. Also, went to school with a cousin of Ed's (& was actually friends with said cousin)
  7. Pulp Fiction
    So much about this movie. The story, the lay out, the actors, the director, the music - all of it. Read the script once... amazing!
  8. Superheroes
    Fav is Iron Man, but possibly only because of RDJ's charisma... but I am likely to watch any superhero show/movie.
  9. Smallville
    See above. This is one of the first series that the hubby & I watched together. Loved he innocence of the story/actors.
  10. Vodka
  11. Sleep
  12. Coffee
    Hot; not cold
  13. Raking leaves & shoveling snow
    It's good for my type-A tendencies. It gets me into a "flow" my hubby would say.