Inspired by @victralala @Heartsounds @Boogie @solena & all of you other wonderful people!
  1. Drinking coffee
    Typically the first thing I do daily
  2. Watching The Weather Channel
    Watching Irma's path & intensity is amazing, scary, sad, mind blowing to me
  3. Thinking of all the people affected by Irma, Harvey, earthquakes, etc
    Sending love & positive vibes for safety to all!
  4. Making my mental "to do" list
    Clean up the dog poop in the yard so hubby can mow, clean the house, laundry, etc
  5. Looking forward to dinner & drinks with a friend this evening
    We've been friends since Jr High - she's getting married next weekend!
  6. Overall... just being lazy!
    The boys start their Saturday morning bowling league today - this is Mommy Time!
  7. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
    Filled with love, hope, happiness & peace!