1. #5 Orlando Bloom (2004)
    I'm cheating a bit here because I'm not even sure you can find the entire anymore. However, what makes this one a classic is the part where Graham delves into the intense world of Orlando's online fan community. http://youtu.be/LvUcd9Hzgjo
  2. #4 Graham, Three Guests and a Massive Fly
    This entire episode (featuring Steve Carell, Chris O'Dowd and Kristen Wiig) is great but the best bit comes when a ginormous fly invades the set. http://youtu.be/dEozsml_C1M
  3. #3 Jimmy Carr, Miriam Margoyles and Stanley Tucci
    Any interview with Miriam Margoyles is a wild ride but she's in particularly fine form here where she tells a story so scandalous that Stanley Tucci attempts to leave the set. http://youtu.be/oeopD53J8MM
  4. #2 Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham and Will & Jaden Smith
    Again, the entire episode is entertaining but it's in the last few minutes when a father/son musical collaboration morphs into a classic television reunion moment. http://youtu.be/ZwS14TiO7Pk
  5. #1 Michael Fassbender, Laura Mvula, Sarah Silverman and Mark Wahlberg
    Three words: drunk Marky Mark. http://youtu.be/_Ok5FEbkqn4