Careers I'd Pursue If Money Wasn't An Option

Money indeed makes things easier, but there's a certain serenity to simplicity that still make these profession desirable
  1. Writer/Poet
    Write a book!, once I was told by an imaginary advisor. Document the lies and romance to the ideal world that you will never ever see. Romanticize your plagiaristic momentaries that does not nourish your body instead fulfill your soul. Write a book!
  2. Farmer
    I am of kin of the land tillers. Burn thy skin from the Sun and the soil whet from the rains fallen. I like seeing lush greens grow
  3. Carpenter
    Build build build with your hands. Im poor at geometry but I find solace and intense focus with carpentry. I should apprentice sometimes to gain expertise in this craft.
  4. Troubador/busker
    A self proclaimed hopeless soldier of romance with guitars as my weapon of choice.