Common Canadian Myths And Stereotypes Clarified

Answers you may not care about, but I have to start a list at some point.
  1. Canadians are polite.
    Oh fuck you, that is complete nonsense! I am sorry for the profanity. First list, I don't even know if cursing is acceptable List. App etiquette.
  2. Canadians always apologise.
    But do we really? I mean think about it ; sure we say 'sorry' -alot- but do we really mean it? When we say it so routinely, when it slips so quickly off the tongue. Is it possible that perhaps what you construe as acknowledgement of error is in fact disingenuous, without intent or even sarcasm? Which sheds light on the next myth...
  3. Canadians have accents
    Hmmm, I live 2 hours from the US border. 95% of the television broadcasting, music and films I have been exposed to since birth have been from the US. I am as aware of the weather, sports, and news of Detroit and Buffalo as here in Ottawa. Maybe all those elongated O's & OU's are misconstrued sarcasm ;). It's my humble estimation the only true north America accents are New Yorkers, Southerners, and Bay Staters. At this point you have got to think it's only because they are so damn stubborn 👅.
  4. Canadian girls are 'easy'. (this rumour came as a bit of a shock, one night on a beach in Florida)
    Well if we are it is only because we had John Hughes-esque teen-angst films to lead us by example. Then again we have children's programming with such titles as "The Romper Room", "Mr DressUp" and "Giselle's Big Backyard" So perhaps not 'easier' persay, but more adventuresome...
  5. Canadians are more sexually active/promiscuous because of the long, cold winter
    - well can you think of something better to do that is as fun, exciting, fiscally responsible (when done responsibly)? Exercise that can be performed in any number of places and spaces (👅) and promotes good blood circulation and a natural chemical high ?!?
  6. Canadians invented Hockey
    -sadly "no". Though a huge part of our national identity, Hockey like our system of government, dominant language and the monarch printed on our money was born in England. We did however invent Basketball. 'Hoosier' is (probably) "Hosers" with an accent (did I just age myself?). Okay, I must also admit (technically) it was invented IN Massachusetts, but it was invented BY a Canadian.
  7. Canadians spell words strangely.
    -"when are you going to fucking learn to spell properly?" I ask.
  8. All Canadians live in Igloos, it snows all year and looks like the Artic Tundra.
    I am not going to dignify that with an answer. If you are using the List. App you can't be that ignorant. If you use this app, and you perpetuate this misconception well... I thoroughly gave up talking to supporters of Trump some time ago.
  9. "Oh you're from Canada? Do you know my friend's cousins ex college roommate Jennifer....something?"
    -Canada is 9.985 million Km2 as opposed to the US 9.833 million Km2 with a 10th of the population. We are lucky that we know other Canadians. So "no" I probably don't know Jennifer. ;)
  10. and to those who feel bad because "we never really learned about Canada in school"
    -that's okay, it's not a huge part of our curriculum either. They actually title history in gr8 "Canadian History", and in gr 9 geography as "Canadian Geography" because of its strictly Canadian content. The rest is British , US, World at large information. We absolutely know more about your history and day to day happenings than you know about us. -FYI- that should scare you 😁👅j/k (that's us, Canadians are just a bunch of kidder's)