1. Google Pixel Tablet and magnetised keyboard
    incidental added bonus; collects any loose change from the bottom of my carry all
  2. Having my back scratched
    Not clawed (not that there is anything wrong with that). But I physically salivate (slightly) and have to pointedly refrain from what could only be described as the human equivalent of "purring" when I am kindly scratched
  3. "Little Big Lies"
    diggin' everything about it. The characters, the script, the cinematography, the soundtrack. I didn't think it would take hold with me, as could I see the plot from start to finish by the second episode... but am enjoying it!
  4. I am "Pro" play with my hair at the nape of my neck.
    I thrill to the chilly bumps. This seems to be a hard "yes" or "don't even" erroneous zone
  5. I am a strong "hell yeah" to : raisins, guacamole, mushrooms, zucchini , side of.... anything, appetizers (omg - "YES"! ) , dessert, anything else food related that seems to polarise people.
    it's food. it's personal. shut up already.
  6. feather light touch to the breasts and nipple's in pre- play
    then grab on to those babies for dear life when you bring it home, my man!
  7. Movies
    Not that I'm antisocial, but preferably alone. There is absolutely nothing better than getting lost in a film, so I loathe distraction while riding my high!
  8. Fantasy (personal)
    I have an active imagination, a mind that needs to be stimulated. Women, our biggest sexual organ is our mind. So sometimes (as great as a partner is), visual and live aides are, there is nothing more erotic than what my mind creates without logistics, consequences or compromise. What a great de-stressor
  9. Reading
    to distraction. BOOKS! I love the smell of the printed page, the weight of a book. The almost glissade of my fingers as I turn the page. I am voracious when it comes to articles, editorials, blogs. Just MORE.... I want escape, entertainment, information. The mind of the curious cat, never fully sated
  10. Late Spring and early Fall
  11. Swings
    never lost my love to swing
  12. Water
    In it, by it, the sound of it. I am never happier than when I am submerged (rain, shower, tub, lake, river, ocean, sea) or sitting by the majesty, magic, and wonder of a naturally occuring body of water. It is my happy place.
  13. Music
    and eclectic... because I am mood directed or curiosity driven
  14. Layers
    Canadian. 'nuff said
  15. Black and White photography
    Nothing against colour, and absolutely have been gobsmacked by colour images. I just tend to be drawn to B&W
  16. Pro breeze/wind. Top down, windows open
    Hair in knots?!? I don't care! It energizes me
  17. Smoothies
  18. No cell phone out pact
    Socially out to dinner or drinks with a bunch of mates? ESPECIALLY if on a one-on-one with a friend or loved one? Abstain from cell phones being utilised. Codicil: to search a query, for the party at large. May check messages etc if left to your own device... for example; friend(s) step away to use facilities. We are loosing the art of conversation, and engaging. Especially if we are not the center of the topic, or driving the conversation. IMHO
  19. this could go on forever....