1. Tangled wires of headphones and ear buds
  2. Being stopped when walking or running wearing said headphones or ear buds
    clearly if I am wearing headphones it is because I wish to tune the world out. Don't wave your hands or get in my face to get my attention.
  3. Duck lip selfies
    I assume no explanation is required
  4. People who barge into an elevator or onto the train before I have a chance to exit.
  5. Uninvited reading over my shoulder
  6. Extreme/excessive 3D nails
    oooh grow up
  7. The pass-by feel up
    you are not kidding anyone
  8. Repeated knocking on the door. The person who knocks a tune
  9. People who leave a goopy/messy toothpaste tube and cap or messy condiment bottles and caps
  10. Oh... people who leave their dirty dishes for others to clean up
  11. Being stuck behind slow walkers for more than 3, 2, 1 seconds
  12. Having a great fucking idea. An idea so good you assure yourself you could never forget. Only to forget an hour later
    I carry a notebook now
  13. People who repeat themselves.
    You know those people. They give you not one but three different metaphors to illustrate the same concept that you grasped upon first telling.
  14. When you don't receive the customary "Thank You" when you hold a door for someone
  15. OOOOh when someone holds a door for you (too soon), when you are far away.
    therefore feeling like you have to rush to get to the door as to not inconvenience the do-gooder for too long
  16. When my kids say "lol" to me, instead of just laughing.
  17. Having to have a BM after just finishing my shower
    Come On!!!!