1. It's okay you can breathe.
    you are talking
  2. I'm older than you think
  3. Yes, I "only" work 12 hours in a shift
    I am human, not super human
  4. I am not a waitress
    *not that there is anything wrong with that
  5. No, I am not killing you
    * although (admittedly) tempting
  6. You seem able to sleep, eat, and talk ALOT on your phone with that 10/10 pain
    I know, they're a means of distraction
  7. Are you by any chance familiar with the words "please' and/or "thank you"?
  8. Your socio/economic status means nothing to me when caring for you
  9. You are not starving to death.
    However should you aspirate post op, that could kill you
  10. Just because I am sitting doesn't mean I am not working. You are here to visit your family member, not regale me on the details of your trip to Cabo
  11. Do you really want a list of all the reasons "it's taking so long"?
  12. you are not my only patient
  13. you will be the reason for my disability claim