Reflecting on the things I remember being desperate to have, that I was sure I absolutely needed and my Mom thought other wise....
  1. Baby Alive
    My mother was so right. When my daughter ask for one, you bet I got it for her. What a nightmare. 😁
  2. "Star" jeans
    I wanted those bad boys so desperately. My mom said if I wanted them, then I could buy them myself (I was 7). I am stubborn. I saved up all my gift money and allowance, and didn't I buy them? You know I did! And I was fly. Probably the proudest 7 year old in Vancity. She taught me a lesson, but I got my jeans
  3. Dr Scholl's Athletic sandles
    My friend inherited a pair from her much older sister and I coveted them. Mom said no, they weren't for little girls and weren't very comfortable. Yep, I'm stubborn. Saved my allowance for a year. I thought they were gorgeous, I thought they were the most comfortable shoe on the planet....until I tried to walk in them. Awful. My mom was right AND I blew my hard earned cash.
  4. I started long distance running, what I wanted.... the Adidas trifoil (I think they were called)
    What I got were Sears Sonic shoes that had a firm sole. That made my feet go numb after 500 Metres. I was such an ungrateful brat that I used my shoes as my bicycle breaks for a week and worn those bastard's down to nothing. They were terrible, but what an asshole move on my part.
  5. Banana seat bicycle with high handle bars
    And what do you know?
  6. Score
  7. Mom's really do know best (MOST of the time)
  8. *I should write the Rated- R list next 👅*