Some are jobs. Some are states of being. Some are fantasy.
  1. Pokemon Master
    This guy has high hopes for PokemonGo.
  2. Owner of a movie theater
    Coolest job in the world.
  3. World traveler
    Geoguess-ing will have to do til then.
  4. Great home cook
    I'm not great in high pressure kitchen situations but I do enjoy eating and cooking.
  5. On a boat on Lake Michigan
    Or living adjacent to or within sight of would also be acceptable.
  6. Solar panel installation technician.
  7. A pilot.
    See item 3
  8. An expert of something.
    I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy.
  9. An archaeologist
    The fedora is not optional.
  10. An engineer.
    Floating cities. Sustainable energy solutions. Space stations. Something new.