All The People In My Spin Class

  1. The Blocker
    The person who takes the bike directly in front of me when there are a myriad of other options. Thanks, now don't give me a dirty look when I move bikes.
  2. The Addict
    The girl who tries to hide her phone under her towel draped over the handlebars. Snapchat can wait an hour, I promise.
  3. The 52 Year-Old Instructor With The Body Of A 25 Year-Old
    Just leads to confused feelings - I am motivated but also feel terrible about that calamari I pounded last night?
  4. The Grunter
    I'm all for you working your ass off, just cool it on the dying stegosaurus noises.
  5. The Non-Exerter
    Doesn't break a sweat. Lets the flywheel do the work so she doesn't exert herself but can still say she worked out that day. #workout #inspiration #health #fit #workhardplayhard #fitness #strong #active #training #fitspo #goals #fitnessaddict #adulting #me
  6. The Guy
    Literally the one guy in this class, dragged there by his wife.
  7. The One Laser-Focused On What She's Going To Eat For Breakfast After This Class Is Over
    Oh wait, that's me.