Best Parts About the Golden Globes

  1. Mel Gibson and Ricky Gervais' interaction
    It seemed cordial but then it didn't? All a joke hahahaha?
  2. Andy Samberg's recap/prediction of events to come
    Like Tom Hanks throwing up
  3. Taraji P. Henson passing out cookies on her way up to the stage, snapping at the stage helper guy for stepping on her train and yelling that the TelePrompTer should cool it - she waited 20 years for this!
  4. Sam Esmail giving a shout out to his PA and his transpo guy during his acceptance speech for Mr. Robot
    What a class act
  5. Deadpool trailer!
  6. Matt Damon winning best actor for The Martian!!
  7. The Martian winning best comedy!!!
    Yes, I have a lot of feelings about it being in that category, but I am just so happy that it's being recognized for the remarkable film that it is.